We have moved services back inside and are social distancing using every other pew.  We ask that you wear a mask when coming to and from your seat.  Please subscribe to our Ridgecrest Baptist Church YouTube Channel or follow us on Facebook for the latest content.  You may also reach out with prayer requests at ridgecrestpraysforyou@gmail.com.      

Ridgecrest Baptist Church is a local congregation of baptized believers in Wake Forest, North Carolina. In obedience to the commands of Jesus Christ we primarily seek to make disciples of all people, encouraging and serving one another on the foundation of God’s holy Word, the Bible. We hold one another accountable to the teaching of Scripture through investing in one another’s life by meeting weekly for corporate worship and the preaching of God’s Word, through Bible study and corporate prayer, and through consistent fellowship.

Ridgecrest Baptist is committed to the advancement of the Gospel in local missions in our Wake Forest community, as well as through cooperative missions with the Raleigh Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.