Ridgecrest Baptist ChurchA former pastor of Ridgecrest Baptist Church once wrote,

“One world that is characteristic of the church is ‘Family’.  This word is fitting for God’s people because each bears a unique relationship to Jesus Christ and to one another.  The church is not only composed of families, it is a family in itself.  We are brothers and sisters of the Lord.  We have a common father, who is God, and a common Savior, even Jesus Christ…We are all different people in our own way, yet we love each other in a Christian love.  As a family, when one rejoices, then we can all rejoice.  When one of our brothers is hurting, then we also should feel his pain.  When one is in need, then all should help.”

Our world has changed greatly since that statement was written forty years ago, but you will still find this to be true of Ridgecrest today.  We hope you will consider becoming part of our family

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